Himika8:42:49amcant connect
dr singh8:55:27amerror loading player: np playable sources found
Srinivas 7:40:32amGood Morning
badri8:07:32amsound is not claer
Himika8:24:32amcant load
geetanjali8:31:12amno audio.
Srinivas G7:43:37amGood Morning
Srinivas G7:39:43amGood morning Web viewers
Surendra ISD8:02:03amHi Good Morning All
Surendra ISD8:03:19amAny One Having problem with Morning Class Let me know
suresh isd8:08:41amGood morning all...
Bl8:35:40amCan't access the video
Bl8:35:55amCan't access the video
suresh isd8:47:07amopen with another browser.
Manoj7:15:49amError: "Stream not found: lvpei.flv"
Manoj7:16:20amError: "Stream not found:lvpei.flv"
Manoj7:16:32amPlease help!!Pls
Srinivas G 8:00:42amGood morning Web viewers
Abhinav8:07:35amMorning srinivas!
SURENDRA8:13:46amHi Good Morning All
Srinivas (Patodia)7:54:32amGood Morning All Web Viewers
Dr Chetan8:04:07amHi srinivas ...U there?
geetanjali8:05:31amno audio
geetanjali8:05:50amaudio please
SURENDRA8:25:33amHi Geetanjali are you getting audio now
SURENDRA8:53:48amis it possible to provide access to your computer i will check and resolve
Srinivas (Patodia)9:01:26am:-) Bye
geetanjali9:02:08amteamviewer is available
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